Price: $59.95

The Detangle Kit:

The kit includes a myriad of styling and instructional products that you will need to detangle, defrizz and manage your synthetic wig. The detangle kit is a $76 value for the price of $59.95!
  • The Hang Up is for wig storage. Stored upside down, the wig will maintain fullness in the top and sides-- gravity is your helper.

  • The DVD or CD demonstrates every aspect of tangle removal and hair renewal. If the wig is improperly heated, brushed too hard, etc. , the wig may be unsalvageable.

  • The Reclaiming Conditioner is necessary to control and protect the synthetic hair.

  • The Reviving Conditioner helps avoid tangles when applied before wearing, gets rid of static fly away hair, brings back sheen, and makes hair more manageable.

  • The Deep Cleaning Shampoo removes dirt and old wax conditioner buildup. Most shampoos contain a little conditioner which builds up on the hair. This build-up coats the wig hair and hides the sheen. The Deep Cleaning Shampoo removes this build up.

  • The Kit contains a Digital Thermometer -50 F to +450F to help you stay in the 'magic' heat range to remove tangles and frizz without damage to the synthetic hair.

  • The Hot Styling Brush heat can easily be controlled, and can even add some curl to your style.

  • The Wire Brush aids in avoiding friction when used.

When used properly, the Detangle Wigs Kit can restore and mostly renew your synthetic wig. The kit works best if you begin using the kit correctly on a regular schedule. Synthetic hairs are simply tiny plastic fibers that have the texture and appearance of human hair. Everybody who has hair knows and 'expects' their hair to tangle, and that a reasonable amount of maintenance is needed daily to keep their hair looking good. If the hair has been damaged it will lead to more tangles and most people know that they will lose a few hairs each day. Yet, they do not worry about losing that small amount of hair each day due to the fact that they know the hair will grow back. Sadly, hair obviously will not grow back on a wig, so care should be taken to not damage or pull out synthetic hair.

Synthetic hair is also susceptible to damage. The damage is similar to human hair damage with the exception of split ends. Synthetic hair can be stretched and broken with excessively hard brush strokes and by using a vent type plastic brush. When the synthetic hair gets dry and frizzled it tangles just as human hair does. The main problem lies in that synthetic hair cannot be repaired with protein based products made for human hair. Synthetic hair can only be repaired with the correct amount of heat, Reclaiming Conditioner, and using proper brushing techniques.

Friction caused by the hair's contact with the skin and clothing is the primary source of tangles. Your wig will tangle more when you are active than when idle. The synthetic hair will also tangle more when in contact with rough clothing textures than smooth textures. For example, wool will cause more tangles than leather or silk. The DVD within this kit shows and explains all the techniques.