Price: $12.95

Reclaiming Spray:

The Reclaiming Spray is a real marvel. It helps remove tangles, adds sheen, and renews synthetic hair. With the Reclaiming Spray heat within the safe zone can be used. It allows the synthetic hair to straighten, or curl and combined with the proper amount of heat is the key to literally reclaiming your synthetic extensions or wig.

Detangling your wig or extensions is essential in extending the life of synthetic hair. Testing our products and method for over 2 years has proven that clients who use the Detangling Kit have kept their longer synthetic wigs looking great for over 18 months. Clients who are not vigilant with keeping tangles out have been able to wear their wigs less than 5 months without cutting their wigs to get rid of the damage. The Reclaiming Spray does not need to be used daily, rather, use it periodically to avoid build up of the product.